1. Exploring the Landscape of Large Language Models in Medical Question Answering
    Andrew M. Bean, Karolina Korgul, Felix Krones, Robert McCraith, and Adam Mahdi
    Mar 2024
  2. The PRISM Alignment Project: What Participatory, Representative and Individualised Human Feedback Reveals About the Subjective and Multicultural Alignment of Large Language Models
    Hannah Rose Kirk, Alexander Whitefield, Paul Röttger, Andrew M. Bean, Katerina Margatina, Juan Ciro, Rafael Mosquera, Max Bartolo, Adina Williams, He He, Bertie Vidgen, and Scott A. Hale
    Apr 2024
  3. LINGOLY: A Benchmark of Olympiad-Level Linguistic Reasoning Puzzles in Low-Resource and Extinct Languages
    Andrew M. Bean, Simi Hellsten, Harry Mayne, Jabez Magomere, Ethan A. Chi, Ryan Chi, Scott A. Hale, and Hannah Rose Kirk
    Jun 2024


  1. Large Language Models - Written Evidence
    Andrew M. Bean, Hannah Rose Kirk, Jakob Mökander, Cailean Osborne, Huw Roberts, and Marta Ziosi
    Oct 2023
  2. Casteist but Not Racist? Quantifying Disparities in Large Language Model Bias between India and the West
    Khyati Khandelwal, Manuel Tonneau, Andrew M. Bean, Hannah Rose Kirk, and Scott A. Hale
    Sep 2023
  3. The Past, Present and Better Future of Feedback Learning in Large Language Models for Subjective Human Preferences and Values
    Hannah Rose Kirk, Andrew M. Bean, Bertie Vidgen, Paul Röttger, and Scott A. Hale
    Oct 2023